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Ready to make friends with your data?

Here's how we can help.


1. Collect and leverage the right data

When your data is incomplete, inaccurate, or organized in a way that makes it difficult to retrieve and compare, it’s frustrating. It can also mean missed opportunities or misleading results. We’ll change that by cleaning and organizing your data to improve its quality and comparability. We’ll also suggest ways to collect richer data and store it for easier retrieval and analysis. Working together, we’ll lay a solid foundation that unlocks new value and business insights from your data.

Data Cleansing

It’s common for businesses to have errors or inconsistencies in their data, especially when working across several legacy systems. We’ll help resolve these issues by discovering and correcting inaccurate or incomplete data – making your data more reliable. This service is also known as data cleaning or wrangling.

Data Architecture

Data architecture provides the foundation for your data environment and impacts your reporting and business intelligence capabilities. We'll review and assess your current approach and make recommendations to improve query times, as well as help you leverage more value from your data.

2. Uncover new insights with better analytics

You’ve got the data, now let’s analyze it. We’ll help you understand your data in new ways using data science and applied methodologies, resulting in dynamic reports and dashboards tailored to each user. Gain new insights into both your structured and unstructured data and uncover how your data relates to your business performance. By gaining enhanced visibility on new aspects of your business, you’ll be better positioned to optimize your processes, reduce your risks, and become more profitable.

Automated Report Creation

Are you stuck in the cycle of creating reports manually, each tailored to different stakeholders? We’ll help you mature your reporting process by developing automated reports that generate customized insights, delivered in formats each stakeholder wants. As conditions or regulatory requirements change, your reports can respond with flexibility – saving you time and money.

Dynamic Dashboard Development

We'll create a dynamic dashboard for your business that pulls together the right information, displays it in an easily consumable fashion, offer real-time insights on KPIs, and allows you to make business decisions with confidence. Have multiple decision-makers or business lines? Each dashboard can be constructed to deliver specific insights to specific people.

3. Optimize your business performance with confidence

With rich data sets and powerful reports in place, it’s now time to optimize your business performance. We’ll develop robust models that will help you solve big problems, like how to acquire more customers, price better, reduce risks, or optimize operations. We’ll also provide business strategy that combines your deep industry knowledge with our expertise of process optimization. Feel confident knowing you can achieve business goals faster and with fewer unknowns, and move from being a data-generating organization to a truly data-driven one.

Model Optimization

We're experienced in developing complex models to assess business performance (i.e. what-if analysis) and optimize business performance. We’ll begin by discussing the problems you want to solve, assess the data you have, and bring it all together using advanced modelling and mathematical programming techniques to find the optimal outcome. That means you’ll never have to rely on your gut feeling again when making critical business decisions.

Business Performance Strategy

Do you suspect there are better ways of running certain aspects of your business – but don’t have the data or objective evidence to back it up? Let’s develop a robust, data-informed strategy to take you to the next level with greater assurance and predictability. We strongly believe that with your subject matter expertise and our understanding of performance optimization, we can work together to achieve remarkable results.

4. Specialized Services

We also provide highly specialized advisory services for businesses or people looking to buy or sell a business and for banks and credit unions looking to optimize their treasury strategy and regulatory requirements.

M&A Advisory Services

We offer full spectrum advisory services for mergers and acquisitions – from developing robust models for debt providers and investors, to designing strategies to raise funding. We bring careful insight and proven experience to the table when supporting you through the negotiation process.

Treasury Advisory Services

Working with treasury departments in banks and credit unions, we offer this highly specialized consulting service to optimize treasury strategy, produce regulatory reports and documentation. We also modernize models, create dynamic reports, generate new insights and implement best practices related to treasury issues. We’re one of the few companies in Canada offering this specialized service.

How you can hire us

Ongoing Managed Services

Lack the time or in-house expertise to leverage your data? Rely on us to manage all aspects of your reporting and analytics needs on an ongoing basis.

Project-Based Solutions

Have a specific analytics problem you’re facing? Let’s work together to devise the right solution and put you on the path to better business outcomes.

Our process

1. Understand your business

We begin each engagement by developing a solid understanding of your business through our unique discovery process.

2. Develop an action plan

By combining your deep business and industry knowledge with our extensive expertise in analytics, we’ll uncover new opportunities to solve your biggest challenges. This will be summarized in an action plan.

3. Put the right tools and processes in place

Next, we’ll execute on the action plan. This often involves building and deploying new tools, developing robust models, and preparing recommendations for each decision-maker.

4. Provide you with new business insights

With all of the right tools and processes in place, we’ll help you analyze your results so you can make business decisions with confidence and ease. We’ll help you transform from a data-generating business to a data-driven one.

What others say

“Malency was instrumental in us acquiring TELUS dealerships. He provided M&A advisory services, financial due diligence, and created financial models to obtain funding. The bank was so impressed, they waived the requirement for Quality of Earnings, saving us tens of thousands of dollars. Malency’s financial background, attention to detail, and his ability to analyze and find opportunities within data has saved us $500,000 within our first 4 months of operating the business. If you’re looking for someone who will be as committed as you are to improving your business, I highly recommend MCS Analytics.”

~Anne-Marie Learoyd (President and COO) & Jason Marsh (President and CEO)
of Communication Zone Inc. | Authorized TELUS Mobility Dealer
“We hired MCS to assist with important business projects and we’ve had nothing but outstanding results. The MCS team has the ability to build complex models with simple and intuitive end-user functionality. As part of our latest engagement, Malency led a pricing discussion with the management team and built a dynamic pricing model. We implemented the outputs from the project and saw immediate results. If you want a team that can provide creative and business-oriented solution, give MCS a call!”
~Mike McKenna, CFO, Mobile Klinik

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